• Louis Vuitton Trophy

    From May 22 to June 6 of 2010, The Louis Vuitton Trophy took place in La Maddalena, Sardinia.

    Etrusca was an official water supplier of the event. A special "Regatta" edition of Etrusca has been produced on this occasion.

  • Cannes debut

    After an eight-year break, two Italian films were selected rom amongst others in the main competition section on the 61st Film Festival held at Cannes on 12-15 May 2008. These were "Gomorra", directed by Matteo Garrone, and “Il Divo", ditected by Paolo Sorrentino. Italia was not only present there culturally. At supper, business meetings and private parties held and organised in many hotels, restaurants and clubs, the guests were offered Etrusca.

  • Etrusca on Ararat

    From 29 June to 10 August it was the trip, organized by Snob Club, route Moscow-Yerevan-Akhaltsikhe-Kars-Van-Istanbul-Moscow.
    The main "leitmotif" of the enterprise was Mount Ararat climbing. The group consist of 20 members united by the same goal.

  • Etrusca in Manege

    In May Moscow Manege held the fifth celebration of art – lnternational Moscow Show of Fine Arts. Best European and Russian galleries presented world class masterpieces starring with Picasso, Matisse, Chagnll, Malevich, Yavlenskiy, Konchalovskiy, ending Aivazovsky and Shishkin.