On the border of the Alps and the Apennines, deep inside a sweet-scented forest, which is crossed by numerous sparkling springs, there is aplace called Calizzano, one of the most beautiful villages on Earth. 

Calizzano is a different life that enjoys dinging bells of a local church and season holidays, such as the Holiday of the gifts of Earth, the Holiday of field herbs and waters, the Holiday of fall. Calizzano village is famous among all the connoisseurs of good cuisine. since this is the place where natural mineral water Etrusea flows, known for its purity and lightness.

Etruscans were known for being skilful wine-makers and were great at founding perfect proportion between water and wine. Since this is not about mixing, but a perfect match, the water is no longer the shadow of the wine but its reflection – as if on the tables of antique ltaly...

Etrusea carries a history of Western culture origins, which never neglcted its roots coming from the city called Eternal that in its turn took so much from the Etruscans’ ancestors. The ancient civilization got immortality from Rome transferred us the art of living a life, the fruit of which lets us enjoy it nowadays.

This art of living a life is fully reflected in special moments when we are sitting at the table and feeling the harmony of senses and soul that make a unique charm of the Etrusca water.